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Animal 3-Part Cards by Continent, Expanded

I was so inspired when I saw the craftsmanship, thought and effort that went into Stephanie’s Felt World Map post on her blog, Imagine Our Life. Literally, I was in awe of it. By the grace of God, I was able to use her tutorial and create one for our own playroom. One thing I missed growing up in Northern Michigan was diversity. It was easy to get caught in our own snowy bubble and forget about the rest of the world. Staying home with my kids has given me control over what they learn and experience, so bringing this felt world map into our playroom is only the beginning of something magical. Stephanie was SO thorough in her creation…sharing three part cards of not only animals, but landmarks. And they all matched up perfectly with Safari Ltd figurines to give the kids a hands on, touchy feely learning experience.

Call me my mother’s daughter, or maybe just OCD, but I have this obsession when it comes to collections. If I have one thing… I need them ALL. While Stephanie has already created three part cards for animals on all the continents, some animals in the Toob’s have been left out. So here’s my all inclusive list of animal three part cards to include the rest of the animals.

Shopping List

Purchase these quality Toob’s with hand painted animal figurines from Safari Ltd. by clicking the Amazon links, or catch them on sale at your local craft store.

We acquired our Toob’s after many birthday parties, Christmas gift exchanges and our own trips to the craft store. Learning about continents is fun, but for some reason my kids REALLY love learning about the different animals. I HAD to get these cards together before we started losing pieces. I kept everything organized by labeling “continent boxes.” Animals are only the start to these boxes, but it made it easy to sort figurines and 3-part cards and then store them neatly.

If you are really interested, I broke down all the Toob’s and figured out what animals went where and which ones were left over. After I found the leftover animals, I did some quick researching online to find out where these animals are most commonly found in the wild or where they originated (pets). I am not an animal expert, but this is how I organized the rest of the figurines.

Africa: Crocodile, Gorilla, Baboon, Lemur, another Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Red Tail Monkey, Mountain Gorilla, Black Rhino, African Wild Dog

Antarctica: Rockhopper Penguin. I also put the rest of the penguin figurines here, but didn’t make cards for the swimming, sliding, etc.

Asia: Panther, Husky, Turtle, Hamster, Goldfish, Cat, Mouse, Amur Leopard, Asian Elephant

Europe: Ferret, Corgi, Flop-Eared Rabbit, Fox

North America: Igloo, Arctic Rabbit, Snapping Turtle, Salamander, Green Snake, Rabbit, Raccoon, Bison, Black Bear, Moose, Mountain Lion, Cardinal

Oceania (Australia): Crocodile, Taipan, Parakeet

Oceans: Hammerhead Shark, Moray Eel, Eagle Ray, Bottlenose dolphin, Beluga Whale, Blue Whale, Common Dolphin, Spotted Dolphin, Pacific White Sided Dolphin, Gray Whale

South America: Caiman, Emerald Tree Boa, Humboldt Penguin, Galapagos Penguin, Squirrel Monkey, Woolly Monkey, Capuchin, Black Spider Monkey

3-Part Cards

Simply click the file links below to access the free file for the 3-part cards. The images I used are not my own and the template I used is from Imagine Our Life, so I cited each picture and left the IOL credit at the bottom of the page. I do not intend to make any profit from these cards. They are just what I used in our home and I hope someone else may find them useful, too!

To see Stephanie’s Felt World Map post that started it all, and get access to the rest of the animal 3-part cards, follow this link to her blog: Imagine Our Life.

Check me out on Instagram @AmberLaunstein to follow our family along the journey!




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