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Laid Back Legs: 12/31/18 Workout of the Week

Here’s a quick little leg circuit to end your 2018 right! Last day of the year and before all those resolutions kick into high gear, so this is a smooth workout with the ultimate strength machine and Bosu cardio combo.

Do three rounds of each circuit utilizing machines and bosu ball.


Leg Extension: The best machine for targeting your quads! Be sure to keep your toes flexed to eliminate too much stress on your knee. Extend legs upward, but do not lock your knees out.

Bosu Bridge: Lay on your back with knees bent and feet resting on Bosu. Push through those feet, using your abs and booty to bring your torso up, so your body becomes a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

Bosu Jumpover: jump left and right over the ball. I leave one foot on the ball at all times, so I’m constantly jumping back and forth, almost like a football drill (like I know what that is 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Leg Curl: Laying down on the machine, curl legs up toward booty. You will feel this in your calves, hamstrings, booty and maybe even lower back!

Bosu Toe Tap: Set Bosu on ground with ball side up. Do quick switches with your feet as you alternately tap the ball with your toes. Control your legs so you are not kicking the ball, just tapping it.

Bosu Side Lunge: With Bosu on the ground ball side up, start standing on the ball. Step really wide to the side and bend the leg. One ball still on the bosu should remain straight. This gives you a really good stretch on your inner thigh, while your other leg bends into a lunge position working the quads. Return to standing on the ball and this time step out with the other leg.

Hip Adductor: Some gyms have the next two exercises as a two in one machine. Start with machine pads on inside of thighs and bring your legs toward each other. This is ADDuction of the legs, like your adding to your body when you bring them towards each other. This works a group of muscles on your inner thighs called the adductors (go figure).

Hip Abductor: With machine pads on your outer thigh, press your legs apart. This is ABduction of the legs and works what I like to refer to as your “side booty.”

Bosu Lunge: One of my favorite variations on the Bosu. You may have to put the Bosu against the wall so it does not slide. Put your back foot on the Bosu; this will be your working leg (opposite of regular lunges). Make sure your front foot is stepped way far out so when you lunge, your front knee is stacked on top of your front ankle. Squeeze your back leg and butt cheek when coming back up. This really works your stability.

I put together this workout of the week video for you to see all the moves in action:

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