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Get Your Fit Together: A Fitness Challenge by Launstein Fitness

I am beyond excited to announce my first annual fitness challenge, Get Your Fit Together! This 12 week challenge is designed to get you in shape while you tackle 2019, teach you about nutrition, give you a team of support, and change your outlook on life. All those ideals will help to renew you, mind, body and spirit. And, there’s even a cash prize.


For 12 weeks, from January 14, 2019 through April 8, 2019, three workouts a week will be delivered to you right through my app (must have smartphone access). Everyone in the challenge gets the same workouts, and I am only allowing 12 contestants. In our secret Facebook group, I will host a weekly nutrition class and have an open question forum on Wednesday nights at 6pm. You do not have to “tune in” right at 6pm (I know everyone has busy schedules), but the tools will be provided for you to achieve success, so tune in later to get the most out of the challenge. This secret group also provides a community for participants to support each other, share healthy meal ideas, and grow friendships through the journey. I will hold you accountable through weekly weigh ins that you send to me (to be fair, this means a picture of the scale number). You also have 24/7 access to me, your personal trainer. Text me at any time of the day for tips, whenever you need motivation, or if you need help with anything at all. Whatever it is, I am here and will be your biggest cheerleader! The cost of the three month program is $150, and it can be bought right on my website through this link.

The Grand Prize

While regaining a positive mindset and seeing your body transform is a great prize, there’s more! A grand prize winner will be decided based off of before/after pictures, weight difference (pounds lost or gained depending on goals), participation, and your essay written about your transformation. The winner enjoys two months of personal training on my app and a $300 grand prize! Now that’s one way to kick off your new year! What do you say? Are you up to the challenge?

Only 12 spots available, so sign up now by clicking this link!

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