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12 Days of Christmas: 12/17/18 Workout of the Week

If you are looking for a festive Christmas workout, this has GOT to be the one! I had a lot of fun (too much, actually) writing this fast paced workout based off of a Christmas Carol favorite. Don’t let the funny names throw you off, this is still a tough all over body circuit workout ahead of the biggest holiday of the year!

Perform the circuit like The Twelve Days of Christmas is sung. Circuit one is 1 Star Jump. Circuit two is 2 Skate Hops and 1 Star Jump. Circuit three is 3 Rudolph Prancers, 2 Skate Hops and 1 Star Jump. Continue through the entire “song.” It should go fairly fast when you complete with minimal rest, so repeat as many times as you can in 30 minutes! Try for 2-3 rounds and then don’t feel bad about all those Christmas Cookies you have been sneaking.


1 Star Jump: Start in a squat position. Jump as high as you can while shooting your arms and legs outwards, so you become a five point star (your head is a point, too).

2 Skater Hops: This is a side to side jump. As you jump to your left, your right leg swings behind your body and your left leg bends slightly. Reach down with your right hand to touch your left foot, then jump to the right and repeat on the opposite side. Perform 2 reps per side, so technically four total. This one really targets those inner and outer thighs.

3 Rudolph Prancers: This is just a fancy, holiday name for lunge jumps. Start with right leg bent in front and left leg bent in back, with torso sitting straight up. Jump up in the air and do a quick switch of your legs, this time reaching your right leg backwards. Perform 3 reps on each side, so 6 total repetitions. Talk about hip flexors!

4 Santa’s Sleigh: One of my favorites for the rope. Remain in a squat position, then grab those ropes like you are the big man himself. Hit up and down as if you are commanding reindeer. You can use a box to actually sit on if that helps you envision it more. This really works the core and power in your upper body.

5 Chimney Climbers: Santa calls them chimney climbers, we call them mountain climbers. On the ground in a good plank position (arms stacked under shoulders and body in a straight line), start alternately jumping your feet up and down as fast you can. Keep your core tight so your butt doesn’t go in the air. This one should hit those hip flexors and get your heart rate up when you perform 10 total reps (5 each leg).

6 Throw the Toy Bag: Here we go, Santy Claus! Throw that bag, er ball, down the chimney. Grab a 10 pound dynamax ball and throw it at the ground as hard as you can. I come down into a little bit of a squat to really make this an all over body workout on top of the upper body power it already builds.

7 Down the Chimney With Care: Okay, Okay, take it easy ol’ girl. Get in a wall sit position…back against wall and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Keep your core tight as you alternately extend one leg at a time. Push your back into the wall as you shift from side to side, really working the balancing strength in your legs. Make sure you are even…do 7 reps on each leg.

8 Tie the Bow Abs: Start on the ground with a 10 pound plate weight. Knees should be bent and torso leaning back. Move the weights in a figure eight motion, just like you are tying a bow (or rowing a boat). The bigger the “bow,” the harder the exercise. Really try and work a twist towards your back to hit those obliques even more. Get 8 reps on each side, 16 reps total.

9 Plank Presents Under the Tree: Again we find ourself in the perfect plank position: arms under shoulders and body maintained in a straight line. Keep your core tight as you shift from side to side, taking turns with your arms as you place “presents” under a “tree.” Nine reps on each arm, 18 reps total. Talk about core stability!

10 Drink the Milk/Eat the Cookies: This one is a stretch, I know. But it is basically a double hit of curls. Stand tall with dumbbells in each hand. One hand should have a neutral grip (palm facing hip) and the other should have an underhand grip (palm facing away from body). Alternate from hammer curl to regular curl until you get 10 reps on each arm. Then switch hand positions and get another 10 on each arm. Burn, biceps, burn!

11 Squat Jumps Up the Chimney: Just squat jumps, nothing crazy, except the burn you are feeling in your hip flexors and legs right now! Come into a squat, knees hip width apart and bent but not coming past the toes. Torso should remain upright as you jump up the chimney as high as you can.

12 Santa Lunge Carries: Now carry your bag back to the sleigh and get on with it! Grab a plate in each hand and start walking lunges. Try to get in 12 reps on each leg, 24 total. You can walk back and forth, depending on how much space is in your gym (not much where I did this circuit). Remember to take big steps out, then lunge straight down (not forward). This helps to prevent the knee from going past your toes. With the weights in your hands, this becomes more than just a leg exercise. Your core stability is also in action.

Speaking of Action, Check out these movements in the video below.

For access to my app, click the “Training Plans” link above and I will reach out to you ASAP! Let’s hit some GOALS baby!

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