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Back + Bi-Bi-Bi’s: 12/10/18 Workout of the Week

Sometimes a girl just wants to feel a good pump, so get like *NSYNC and Bi-Bi-Bi! Bicep workouts do just that for me. In this workout, I have you start with warming up your big back muscles, but then we move in to multiple variations of curls. Finish with one of my favorite back exercises. Now get out that door and to the gym!

Perform two rounds of each circuit.

Overhead Press: Stand tall with dumbbells in each hand and resting on shoulders, palms facing out. Press weights up overhead and together.

Bent Over Back Fly: Hinge forward at your hips so your back is bent over and flat. With a dumbbell in each hand and arms slightly bent, fly your arms open. You should feel like you could squeeze a pencil between your shoulder blades, as this exercise really targets your upper back. 

Dumbbell Curls: Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand and arms straight. Then, lock your elbows into your torso and use your biceps (front of arm) to pull weights up. 

One Arm Chicken Wings: With dumbbell in one hand, pull up. You will feel this in your upper back and shoulder area, especially. Your elbow flares out as you pull up, and the wrist should remain in a fairly neutral position (don’t bend it too much and cause unnecessary tension). 

Side Raise: Stand with dumbbells in each hand at your side. With a slight bend in your arms (but still fairly straight), slowly raise dumbbells up until your body is in a lowercase “t” position. Hands should not move above your shoulder, so you protect your rotator cuff.

Concentration Curls: Sit on bench with legs wide. Push elbow into the soft spot on your knee. Let hand hold dumbbell hanging low, then push elbow into knee as you curl the weight up. This really targets the bicep.

Front Raise to Rotate: A fun one to switch it up. Start standing with dumbbell in each hand and hanging on front of thighs. Lift the dumbbells straight up in front of you. While the weights are still in the air, move them out so they line with up shoulders and torso, then drop down to your side again. Repeat this circular motion. Check this movement out in the video link below for easier understanding.

Cable Across Curls: Set the cable machine to the lowest setting with a regular handle. Stand parallel to the machine, just behind the handle. With one hand holding handle, perform curls so the arm comes down to your side, then comes across the torso as it curls up. Play around with your stance if it feels off, or send me a message to troubleshoot.

Cable Reverse Curls: With the machine set low still, this time use a bar attachment. Face the machine and overhand grip the bar. Lock elbows into torso and curl up. With the reverse grip, you will feel this more in your forearms.

Cable Back Fly: Set a dual cable machine so the height is just above shoulders and width is fairly wide. I grip the notch/ball part of the cable and don’t even use attachments. Cross the cables so your left hand has the right cable and visa versa. Start with hands positioned at chest level in front of you. With straight arms, fly your hands apart as you squeeze your upper back. Just like the bent over back flys, you should feel your shoulder blades moving together. 

I love feeling the blood pumping through my veins after a good Arm Day. What About you?

Check out this Video from my Instagram @launsteinfitness for a complete run through of the exercises:

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