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All I Want for Christmas is a Booty: 12/3/18 Workout of the Week

Santa, we know it is an odd request, but the Kim K Booty Movement is so real! For some reason, everyone wants a bigger butt. And not even just big…toned, shapely, and looking like a peach, if you will. So if all you want for Christmas is a booty, try out this workout and see if Santa delivers the results!


Single Leg Press: On the leg press machine, use only one leg. You can put weight on one side if you want; since it is a sleigh, the weight will evenly distribute. Your foot should still be in line with your hip, not centered. Let your leg come as low as possible to really hit that booty.

Leg Press: This time use both legs on the leg press machine. Put your feet on the platform about hip width apart. As your legs come down, open your hips so your knees do not go towards each other.

Step Up to Glutei Kickback: Situate the bench near the smith machine. When standing on the bench, the smith bar should be about hip height. Step up on your right leg, then lean your torso forward as your left leg goes back. Bring that left leg down to the ground and repeat on opposite side. Notice how my hands are barely gripping the bar. You should not be pulling yourself up with your arms. You should be using your legs to step up on the bench, the bar is just there for balance purposes.

Bench Weighted Glute Bridge: Use a barbell across your hips bones. This one is hard to start…so I begin seated on the bench with the bar across my lap, then shimmy my way down until my upper back is on the bench and booty is down towards ground. Press upwards through your hips, utilizing your legs, abs, and booty. Drop your butt down again, and repeat for all reps. 

Smith Machine Bench Squat: I have seen different angles on different types of smith machines. For the one in my gym, I  chose this angle because it didn’t overextend my back. If you have questions on which way to face on your smith machine, please send me a message. With bench in the same spot as for step ups, start standing with bar across your back. Sit down into a squat and tap the bench with your butt. Stand up again, squeezing from legs and abs. When squatting, feet should be about hip width apart with hips opening up and knees moving outwards. 

Cable Glute Kickback: 

Landmine Overhead Sumo Squat: This movement made it hard to keep back from over extending, so be conscious of tucking your pelvis and keeping that core engaged. With the landmine set up, hold bar overhead. For this sumo version, feet are slightly outside hip width and toes are pointed outwards. Hips will really open up as you drop down into a squat, so you should feel this more in your inner thighs. 

Cable One Leg Deadlift: On the cable machine, use the triangle handle. Balance on the right leg. Lean forward so your arm, torso and left leg make one long line. Stand up using  your right leg muscles- hamstring and booty. Try to keep your left foot off the ground for all reps for optimal balance work. Also, make sure you step way far back from the cable. When you lean forward, you don’t want the cable to “bottom out.”

Box Jumps: A simple favorite for building power in your legs, and a killer at the end of leg day. Simply jump up on the box. Choose an appropriate height for the box. It might need to be slightly shorter than normal if your legs are super tired already…we don’t want any accidents 😉

Find the workout video here for proper movements:

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