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Back Off Thanksgiving: 11/26/18 Workout of the Week

We all know swimming in mashed potatoes is not a good thing, but it did not stop us from indulging in them last week! 🙊 In fact, the average American consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving (including me). That’s over double what our bodies are supposed to intake in one day. Here is a quick workout to help take that meal back off. This back workout has just enough burpees to get you sweating, but not throwing up.

I chose shoulder and back movements to be performed in a 10/15/20 or 20/15/10. Simply put….perform 10 reps at a heavy weight, then rest completely. Lower your weight and compete 15 reps, then rest again. Finally, at a light weight, get 20 reps. Get in those 15 burpees and then move into the next movement. This time, start at a light weight for 20 reps and perform the same sequence in opposite motion…using heavier weights for fewer reps. After performing all four “sets,” finish strong with two sets of 25 Machine Back Extension.


Incline Pull Machine: I love this machine in our gym. It is basically a compound row, but you are pulling from a high position, so it really hits those lats in your back. I perform these one arm at a time.

Burpees: If you don’t know what a burpee is, you are lucky. But here you go…Usually in my arm workouts, I leave out the pushup, so it is basically just a jumping movement. Perform four jumps: Jump down, jump your feet back into a straight plank, jump your feet in, then jump your entire body up as high as you can and repeat.

Barbell Overhead Press: Standing tall with abs tightened, press the barbell up with your shoulders. It is important to keep your abs tight so you keep the bar in front of your head. If you find the bar is ending up behind your head, you are most likely over-rotating your shoulders. Keep your abs tight and push straight up instead.

Dumbbell Side Raise: Stand tall with dumbbells in each hand at your sides. With an overhand grip, lift arms up to shoulder height. Try to keep your arms as straight as possible, although there should be a little bend.

Dumbbell Bent Over Back Fly: With a dumbbell in each hand, bend over at your hips with a straight back. Fly dumbbells out with bent arms. This movement makes me feel like a bat. You should feel your shoulder blades coming together, like you could pinch a finger between them.

Back Extension Machine: Sit in the machine and extend your body backwards. This really works that lower back, but also all those tiny muscles that run right up your spine.

I hope you enjoyed this free workout! Check out all the movements in this Workout of the Week Video:

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