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Crazy Fun HIIT: 11/19/18 Workout of the Week

There’s just nothing quite like a high intensity interval training workout. Here I pair abdominal exercises with leg power and rower intervals. This one is guaranteed to make you sweat and burn all those calories we are anticipating for Thanksgiving.

Try to get three rounds in forty-five minutes for a crazy fun workout.


Rower: also referred to as the URG. Most automatically turn on when you start moving. Strap your feet in so the strap is at the first joint of your big toe (I set mine to 3). Set the fan to a comfortable resistance (I use 7-10 range). Start with knees bent and overhand gripping the bar. Push back with your legs, lean back with abs and lower back tight, and use your arms and back to bring the bar to your chest. Recoil and repeat the movement, getting most of your momentum from your legs. Here I did 500m sprints, so basically pull as fast as you can until you hit 500m…just try not to start too fast only to die out at the end. Pace it.

Curtsy Pulse Lunges: one of my favorites because it hits your gluteus Maximus I like any other movement. Stand tall, reach one leg behind to the side like you are doing a Curtsy, then bend the front leg to come into a Lunge. Pulse it once, return to starting position, then switch to the other side. Keep going back and forth until you hit 50 reps for this workout (25 each leg).

Box Side Jump Overs: talk about an inner thigh burner. Stand on the box, then jump side to side. To keep the heart rate up, only touch one foot to the ground for each jump, keeping one foot on the box at all times. 45 total repetitions.

Butterfly Crunch: use the same starting position as the cobbler stretch from my yoga leg day stretching series two weeks ago. Sitting on the ground, legs bend out like the butterfly stretch with bottoms of feet together. Lay torso back flat with arms overhead. Use your abs to crunch up, reaching arms between legs with each crunch. For this HIIT, do 40 reps.

Kardashian Jumps: named after the sisters with the booties. With left leg on the box, bring the right leg up to a bent runner’s position by jumping from the left leg. I use opposite arms to help gain height and maintain balance. Do 18 reps on left side, then 18 on the right side for a total of 35 (err 36, but for workout purposes I’m using intervals of 5…looks prettier).

Spider-Man Planks: Start In plank position with arms directly under chest and body in a straight line. Open up left hip and bring knee towards left elbow. Then alternate to right side until you hit 30 total reps.

Kneeling Pushups: drop to your knees and give me 25! Hands should be directly under chest and body should be in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees so that your abs are still engaged.

Repeat the circuit 2-3 times. Follow this video and try to get 3 rounds in 45 minutes!

My workout of the week’s are fun, but for optimal results, get your own personalized plan by clicking “Training Plans” in the drop down menu above.

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