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Workout of the Week: 11/12/2018: Shoulders and Abs

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If you haven’t heard the phrase “Amber Arms” yet, well, I’ll let you in on a secret. As a trainer, I have a unique niche in shaping a woman’s arms. If you want to lose those “Bingo Lady Arms” and get some shapely “Ya, I Workout Arms,” then you are in the right place. I incorporate shoulders in a lot of my upper body workouts because toned shoulders really make all the difference. In this workout, I used some shoulder movements paired with weighted abdominal exercises, because who doesn’t want nice arms and a flat stomach? Enjoy!

Complete three rounds of each circuit.


Landmine Thruster: Put the bar in the landmine contraption. Start in a squat, holding the end of the bar at your chest. Push through your hips and shoulders to press the bar overhead; your body should be in a straight line.

Plate Leg Lifts: Lying flat on the ground, hold a plate over your chest. Bring legs up to plate using your lower core.

Ab Turtles: Lay on ground with knees bent. Crunch your torso up with arms at the side, then move side to side, reaching for your toes.

Dumbbell Side Raise: Stand tall with dumbbells in each hand. Lift dumbbells to side, keeping arms as straight as possible.

One Arm Landmine Press: Stand in a staggered position, holding the bar with one arm at your shoulder. Press the bar overhead, but be sure to keep your abs tight so you are not leaning.

Ab Bicycles: Lay on your back with knees in the air. Move your legs back and forth like you are riding a bike. Also, crunch up your torso and try to get your elbow to the opposite knee.

Plate Overhead Sit Ups: Start laying on ground with knees bent. Hold plate straight up in air, crunch your torso up as you press the plate directly above your head. You can hook your feet under something if it helps to get the movement.

Dumbbell Arnolds:  Stand tall with dumbbells in each hand. Start with palms facing your face, then push overhead while you twist your grip, so you finish with your palms facing out.

Check out the video to see the movements in action:

For a personalized program, click the “Training Packages” link above!

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