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Workout of the Week: 10/15/18: Booty Builder

I truly hope you are able to incorporate my “workout of the week” into your fitness routine. Boring workouts will be the death of us all, so I am constantly working to switch things up. Not only is that good for our muscle development, but also our mental transformation. In college, like many, I was forced to take a psychology class. However, when everyone else wondered why this class was required despite their choice of degree, I completely understood. Our health and fitness is MUCH more than a physical transformation. The positive changes I have seen in my client’s confidence levels, outlook on life, self awareness, and mental stability are the biggest wins for me! Here’s to you on your journey, wherever you find yourself. I hope I can be a part of that.

Complete two sets of each superset. That means, 10 landmine Thrusters and 10ea landmine ab rollers, then rest or get some water before you go again.


Landmine Thruster: With the landmine bar at your shoulder, come down into a squat. Then, use your hips to thrust upwards and press the bar overhead. Don’t forget to tighten those abs to keep your balance.

Landmine Ab Roller: Start with the landmine bar and a round plate on the ground. Grab the bar on either side of the plate and remain in a straight plank position. Use your abs to pike your butt up into the air, then roll out to where your hands are directly under your chest. Because of the set up, the bar doesn’t roll in a straight line. It is okay to readjust the plate when needed. Repeat 10 on each side.

Landmine Lunges: With weighted landmine bar, lunge. Hold bar with hands on either side of plate and bar resting on shoulder. For these lunges, the front quad is really targeted, while the back leg calf is always engaged.

Landmine Ab Twister: Stand with landmine bar overhead. Bend one arm, and keep the other as straight as possible while bringing the bar back and forth to each side. This works your side abs (obliques) and a little bit of shoulders. Try to keep the bar “in front of” the shoulder so it is not over rotated.

Narrow Squat: Just like a regular back squat, only step your feet closer together to put your knees directly in front of your hips. Still put butt back, hips tucked and opening, abs tight, and chest up.

Weighted Squat Jax: With a barbel on your shoulders, jump feet apart into a deep squat and then back together for a very narrow squat. Out and In is one rep.

Wide Squats: Just like a regular back squat, only step your feet farther apart to put your knees just outside of your hips. Still put butt back, hips tucked and exaggerated opening, abs tight, and chest up.

Weighted Lunge Jumps: With Barbel on shoulders, jump one leg back as you come into a lunge. It’s important to keep your abs tight so you do not fall over. Slow the jumps down if your balance is off.

Hip Adductor: Some gyms have the next two exercises as a two in one machine. Start with machine pads on inside of thighs and bring your legs toward each other. This is ADDuction of the legs, like your adding to your body when you bring them towards each other. This works a group of muscles on your inner thighs called the adductors (go figure).

Hip Abductor: With machine pads on your outer thigh, press your legs apart. This is ABduction of the legs and works what I like to refer to as your “side booty.”

To watch the movements, check out this video:

For more Workout of the Week Videos, follow my instagram @launsteinfitness.

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