Workout of the Week: 10/8/18: Shoulders to Die For

With the launch of my new online personal training business, I’m committed to impacting more people than ever by bringing you valuable content. My clients get there own personalized workouts, and if you haven’t taken the jump, you really should. Custom workout programs will give you the most efficient results, but I want to offer a source of guidance and motivation for everyone. I hope you enjoy the first installment of my weekly workout!

Complete each superset twice, finishing with two rounds of alternating front Raise. Choose weights appropriate for your level. Remember, you want to feel pushed. When you get to the final rep, you should feel like you could not possibly do one more.


Overhand Grip Row: use the top grip on the Row machine. Utilize your upper back and bicep, keep your elbows close to your body, as you bring your arm back.

Low Grip Row: same as above, just using the lower handle so you use more of your mid back.

Barbel Chicken Wings: use a barbel with a narrow, overhand Grip. Flare your elbows out as you bring the weight up towards your chin

Barbel Overhead Press: use the same barbel and push overhead using chest and shoulders. Don’t forget to tighten your abs and stand tall. You want the bar to remain directly above your chest. If the bar starts going too far back when it is Overhead, you may over-rotate your shoulder.

One Arm Side Raise: I put my hand on my hip and tighten my abs so I’m not swaying to the side. Start with dumbbell at your side and fly it up to shoulder height.

Bent Over Back Fly: Bent Over with a flat back. Start with dumbbell underneath chest and fly them out like wings. Use your upper back, you should feel like your shoulder blades are pinching together.

Iron Cross: stand tall and start with dumbbells on the front of your thighs. Raise them up to shoulder height, then fly them out to the side. Bring them back together in front of your face and lower. Repeat.

One Arm Chicken Wings: anything with one arm, you should be conscious of swaying. Tighten your abs to remain standing tall and not bending to one side or the other. Use an overhand Grip on the dumbbell, flare elbow out, bring dumbbell towards chin.

Alternate Front Raise: Using an overhand Grip and shoulder muscles, bring dumbbell up to shoulder height. Try to keep arms as straight as possible, but you can bend it slightly if needed.

To watch the exercises, check out this video:

Comment on my Instagram Post { @launsteinfitness } when you finish this workout!

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