Lower Ab Circuit for Momma’s

I had a special request from a fellow momma for some lower ab exercises. Whether a natural birth or a c-section, it’s safe to say our abs need some serious rehab. And when people say pregnancy changes your body, it truly does. A lot of changes happen at one time, yet some take years to show up.

Fun fact: Most of the time, after birth, abs should not be trained for 6-8 weeks. Every body experiences some form of diastisis recti, where your abs literally separate to make room for baby…ouch! It takes the body about 6-8 weeks for those abs to return to their “normal” position. If you train abs too early postpartum, it might take longer for them to get back to the right anatomical spot. So, this workout is only for mommas more than 6 weeks postpartum.

Repeat the entire circuit 3 times.


Leg Lifts:

Plank Mountain Climbers:

Knee Tucks:

Spider-Man Plank:

Sprinter Crunches:

TRX Mountain Climbers:

TRX Pike:

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