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Get Your Booty Cavalier Ready

When your fashionista girlfriend invites you to her birthday bash, visions of the perfect body con dress come floating in your daydreams! But then she says it’s at the Cavalier, a boujee hotel Kim K just visited two weeks prior! Your girl needs to put in work to make that look happen. We might be training butt for the next two weeks and it’s all keeping up with the Kardashian’s, but I know it will all pay off. #SweatingForTheBirthdayBash

Try this booty workout to pump it up for your girls night out!


Leg Extension- The best machine for targeting your quads! Be sure to keep your toes flexed to eliminate too much stress on your knee. Extend legs upward, but do not lock your knees out.

Curtsy Lunge with Side Raisestart standing tall and reach your leg behind the other, squatting in true curtsy fashion. When you bring your leg back up, use your gluteus medius to raise it to the side. Repeat all reps on one side before switching to the next.

One Leg Cable Deadlift- balance on one leg. Use that arm to hold the weight. Hinge forward at hips, keeping back flat and chest up. Let your opposite leg extend backwards so your body is one long line. Use your lower back, booty and hamstrings to stand up tall, trying not to let your foot touch the ground.

Five Count Pulse Squatswith good squat form, pulse for five counts and then come all the way up, squeezing your booty. That’s one rep. We have fifteen. For perfect squat form, feet should be hip width apart and stick your butt back like you are sitting in a chair. Keep your chest up, back not rounded, and knees directly above toes.

Pistol Bench Squatsbalance on one leg, stick the other leg straight out, hold the plate to your chest, and lower yourself to seated on the bench. Your balance leg should be positioned so your knee is directly above ankle. Then stand up on that leg, using your abs to help lift and control your body.

Kneeling Smith Squatson the smith machine, use an ab mat on the ground. Start in a kneeling position, kind of like child’s pose but with the bar on your back like a squat. Sit that booty back and squeeze it up to a kneeling position where your glutes are engaged.

Weighted Squat Jaxuse a bar across your back, squat down, and jump your legs out and in.

Stability Ball Glute Bridges- start with torso on ground and heels resting on stability ball. Push into your elbows and heels to bring your torso up, utilizing your abs, booty and hamstrings.

Kim K ain’t got nothing on the hard workout you just completed girlfriend 😉 Or maybe she does, but you know, #goals.

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