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Arms So Fresh Circuit

In my line of work, I have the unique opportunity to rub elbows with a variety of trainers from all different backgrounds, experiences, and certifications. I surround myself with coworkers who push me to be a better trainer and love making a difference in someone’s life. Every trainer brings their own unique style to the board, and that is what I love about Kristen. Her spirit and training is breathing fresh air not just into the gym, but into my own workouts. Here’s a Kristen-inspired circuit I programmed into my own plan because the new exercises are just too much fun!

Perform three rounds of each mini circuit for a good 30-45 minute calorie burning workout!


Compound Row- start by warming up those big back muscles on the compound Row machine. Sit up nice and tall (good posture) and move only your arms by squeezing your lat muscles.

Bosu Crossover Plank- with the hard side up, grip the Bosu ball with your hands and hold your body in a straight plank. Bring your left knee in towards your right elbow and alternate sides, maintaining a tight core for balance.

Kneeling Ball Woodchops- kneeling on a mat, use a 10lb dynamax ball in a swooping, wood chop motion. Start high and “chop” towards the ground. You should feel it in your arms, but also your abs and obliques as you stabilize the ball.

Weighted Back Extension- lower back is part of your core, too! Hold that dynamax ball to your chin and hinge forward at your hips. The machine should hit your quads right below your hip bone so your hips can have full range of motion.

Bosu Pushups- hold Bosu with hard side up and body in plank. Lower your chest to the ball and push up. Keep hands directly under chest. Go to your knees if you have to.

Ball Leg Raise- it’s like leg lifts, but better! Alternate ball between arms and legs, letting your extremities drop to the floor each time and meet in the middle to exchange the ball.

Bent Over Row- use a barbel, hinge forward at your hips, make sure sure your chest is up and back is flat. Pull the bar up towards your lower chest.

Bosu Push Planks- with ball side up, start in a plank position. Lower yourself to elbows and back up to plank. Keep your core tight, and always remember to keep elbows or hands directly under chest.

Squat to Overhead Ball Toss- start in a squat and thrust your hips up as you toss the ball. Try not to take out the ceiling, but let most of the power come from your chest, shoulders and arms.

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