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Park Hopping Series: Lynnhaven Parkway Route

While we absolutely adore our neighborhood park, sometimes we just want to switch it up. And with over 250 parks in Virginia Beach, the options are (almost) endless. On a hot summer night, we took off down the road to the newly renovated Lynnhaven Parkway to hit up a few of the best city parks. Here’s what we thought…

Park Hopping Series: This series will feature parks all over Virginia Beach with feedback from my littles, Cambri (4) and Porter (2). Use it as a guide to plan your park hopping date and showing your kids just how fun you really are! Spend 15 minutes at each park on the list.

Download the VB park finder app to create your own route, or use the ones I’ve created.

First Stop: Charlestown Lakes South Park

At 1052 Kinderly Lane, this park is super special to us. This is right in our old sitter’s neighborhood, so we used to frequent this park when Cambri was only months old. However, it’s not as grand as I remembered. The equipment is four years older now and a little outdated. Cambri liked the talking pipes and Porter enjoyed the abstract climbing pole. Overall we give this park a C grade because it’s just your average park.

Stop Two: Brigadoon Woods Park

Just a six minute drive takes you to 1717 Ashton Drive. I cannot say it enough, but any park that is purple, pink, and teal is a winner in my book! Not only does it have the basics, but also circle monkey bars and a tire swing! Tire swing definitely takes the cake for both Cambri and Porter. They also loved playing “jail” and having dad chase them around like a monster when they escaped. Definitely an A Grade Park! We will be back for sure.

Stop Three: Brigadoon Park

Only four minutes away, at 5277 Lynnhaven Parkway was our final stop for this hot evening. Major downer was parking. There seemed to be no way to access the park unless from your backyard or the super busy parkway entrance (but still no parking). We parked the car in the neighborhood off of Doon Street. The park is brand new and had some unique features. My favorite was the dinosaur and planet learning game. Cambri was overheated by this point and wanted to go home, but she liked playing that same monster game and teasing her dad. Porter loved running too, but also the slide. This one gets a B rating for its above average cleanliness and educational learning.

This hot, sweaty day was the perfect midweek pick me up. What Virginia Beach Park should we visit next?

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