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Post Vacation All Over Body Workout

We all know how hard it is to drag yourself to the gym Monday morning, but trying to workout the first day back after vacation takes the cake! After a week or two of rest, relaxation, exotic foods and too many cocktails, our bodies are suffering not just physically, but mentally as well. With these factors in mind, I created this workout to get your daily routine back on track. It hits all parts of your body and makes you sweat, so it feels like just the detox your body needs. Enjoy!

Perform five rounds of each circuit for a solid 45 minute workout.


Landmine Thrusters: Start with bar near chest and body in a squat. Thrust the bar upwards into an overhead press by pushing through your hips and standing on your tip toes.

Plate Leg Lifts: holding a plate over your chest, bring your legs up by lifting from your lower abs. Try not to hit your shins on the plate.

Plank Jax: in a plank position, jump your legs out and in, just like jumping Jax. Try to keep your butt down and shoulders directly over your elbows.

Landmine One Arm Row: using the landmine, start Bent Over with a flat back. Use your lats to pull the bar up, keeping elbows close to your torso. Perform 10 on each side. I use my free arm across the tops of my knees to keep myself from favoring either side.

Wall Sit: with back against wall, sit so your knees are parallel to your hips and directly above ankles. Brace yourself with your abs and quads to hold.

Landmine Ab Twist: start with bar in landmine and overhead. Rotate bar to the side by bending left arm and straightening right. Alternate sides every rep. Brace yourself with your abs and obliques. Try not to rotate hips.

Plate Swings: in a squat and holding a plate, use your hips to generate momentum and thrust the plate upwards. Come back to squat and repeat, really getting your heart rate up while working your core and legs.

Mountain Climbers: start on the floor in a plank form. Alternate legs, bringing your knees close to your chest and repeating. Keep your butt down. This is a great one for cardio.

Plate Chix Wings: standing tall and overhand gripping plate, lead with your elbows to pull the weight up to chest. This works shoulders and traps. I call it Chicken Wings because you could flap your wings if you wanted!

Plank: start on floor in plank position, nice flat body with core tight, hips in neutral position and hand directly under shoulders.

Comment below when you’ve finished your workout!

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