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Get Your Booty Cavalier Ready

When your fashionista girlfriend invites you to her birthday bash, visions of the perfect body con dress come floating in your daydreams! But then she says it's at the Cavalier, a boujee hotel Kim K just visited two weeks prior! Your girl needs to put in work to make that look happen. We might be… Continue reading Get Your Booty Cavalier Ready

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Arms So Fresh Circuit

In my line of work, I have the unique opportunity to rub elbows with a variety of trainers from all different backgrounds, experiences, and certifications. I surround myself with coworkers who push me to be a better trainer and love making a difference in someone's life. Every trainer brings their own unique style to the… Continue reading Arms So Fresh Circuit

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Freezer Pesto Recipe

Can someone please explain to me why the only plants that survive in my garden are peppers and basil?! I barely eat either, so what's a girl to do? Use your resources, mama. I planted basil to make our own delicious pesto, but with this much basil, we could eat pesto all week and still… Continue reading Freezer Pesto Recipe

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Park Hopping Series: Lynnhaven Parkway Route

While we absolutely adore our neighborhood park, sometimes we just want to switch it up. And with over 250 parks in Virginia Beach, the options are (almost) endless. On a hot summer night, we took off down the road to the newly renovated Lynnhaven Parkway to hit up a few of the best city parks.… Continue reading Park Hopping Series: Lynnhaven Parkway Route

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Banana Kefir Treat

I licked the spoon and I will never turn back! My kids get a kefir treat daily, but this banana one was so good that I ate half the batch. The chia seeds give it a whipped, fluffy consistency and the banana-coconut flavor combo is out of this world! Make a batch and see if… Continue reading Banana Kefir Treat


Fantasy (Football) Wife

It's that time of year again! I remember one moment just last year when my husband came home and handed me $20 cash. "What's this?" "Your cut. I won the league!" If your husband is anything like mine, you're already hearing about their big dreams for this season, key players and how much money they… Continue reading Fantasy (Football) Wife

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Dairy-Free Jalapeño Popper Recipe

For the second year in a row, the only truly successful plant in our Garden is the peppers. One of my favorite appetizers are jalapeño poppers, but you don't even want to know how many grams of fat and calories are in my old recipe. It's time for something new, so I tested and approved… Continue reading Dairy-Free Jalapeño Popper Recipe

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Post Vacation All Over Body Workout

We all know how hard it is to drag yourself to the gym Monday morning, but trying to workout the first day back after vacation takes the cake! After a week or two of rest, relaxation, exotic foods and too many cocktails, our bodies are suffering not just physically, but mentally as well. With these… Continue reading Post Vacation All Over Body Workout