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How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Attainable on Vacation

Hot off the heels of our HUGE family vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I wanted to share some practices I use to keep my fitness goals in sight. Of course it is vacation, a time to relax and splurge in your diet, but everything you have worked on in the gym over the last few months could go to the wayside if you lay it all to rest. Here are my favorite tips for Stayig healthy on Vacation:

1. Workout within 24 hours of Arriving. Whether you flew in or drove, the stress of traveling weighs heavy on your body and mood. Not to mention what kinds of food you ate from the gas station or energy drinks you had just to stay awake…let’s just say your body is depleted. That first workout not only works off stress and bad eating habits, but keeps you accountable to your workout routine. Exercising as soon as you get to your destination sets your mood for the entire week, so make it happen. Whether it’s a walk with your spouse to explore the city, buying a pass at the local gym, or visiting your current gym’s destination location, just do it!

2. Offer to make dinner. Dining out is usually not the best for your pocketbook, and we all know the struggle to find healthy eats in a new town. Skip the restaurant all together and opt for a homemade meal right in the comfort of your cozy cabin rental.

3. Go for a Run. As a runner, this is my all time favorite, but you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy your new city. Going for a run gives you a different perspective and helps you explore the new grounds. So, go fast or go slow, but enjoy the view!

4. It’s okay to say “no.” Planning your meals doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in Vacation food, but let’s keep it realistic. If you know Grandma’s making margaritas, maybe skip out on that dessert. If dinner is the local deep fried chicken, pick a super healthy lunch, loaded with veggies. Remember, you have goals, girlfriend!

5. Plan something active. I could go on and on about ideas here (that’s a whole blog post I need to write), but this is so important. Family bonding over activities that make you move create good memories for your kids surrounding fitness. What’s better than instilling healthy habits for generations to come? Try horseback riding, bike rides, hikes, white water rafting, swimming in the pool or lake, even walking around an amusement park. Anything that gets that body moving!

If you’re on the market for a family vacation destination, I definitely recommend Pigeon Forge! Drop a comment below and let me know where you are headed to next and how you plan on incorporating fitness!

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