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Cable Series for Your Buns, Hun!

Leg day with squats and your standard lower body machines can seem pretty monotonous. Switch it up with this 3-part cable series that tones your buns, hun! I know your gym has a cable machine, but do they have the ankle straps? If not, you can pick your own up here, and they are totally worth the $16.95. Now strap those ankles in and get to work! Try ten repetitions each of these three exercises.

Here are some videos to see the series in action:

Cable Glute Kickback: admittedly my favorite booty-growing exercise. With ankle in strap, start bent over with knee “cocked.” Extend leg backwards so your whole upper body and leg become one long, straight line. Control on the way back down and keep that knee bent to store momentum. Repeat the kickback.

Cable Hip Abductor: stand up nice and tall (good posture always). Brace yourself by holding onto the machine and lift your leg outwards. You may bend your torso to the side to get a little more range of motion, but you should try not to rotate your hip out or back, as this will not allow you to Target your hip abductor muscles.

Cable Hip Flexion: this is very difficult to assume position, so I only recommend it for advanced athletes. I had to walk slowly forward, then grasp the machine while leaning forward. Bring your leg up towards your stomach, and control it as the leg returns to an elongated position. This really works your quads. The dismount is the hardest, so gain your balance and walk slowly back without the weight pulling you over.

I performed 10 of each for three rounds in the middle of my leg day today. Try it out and subscribe to my blog for more free workouts and tips!

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