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Your Pigeon Forge Family Vacation Planned to a T!

When someone says they just had the best vacation of their life, you can't help but want to share all the details! I spent months researching and preparing for our HUGE family vacation that would bring together not just my side of the family, but my husband's, too (including his divorced parents). The youngest family… Continue reading Your Pigeon Forge Family Vacation Planned to a T!

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How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Attainable on Vacation

Hot off the heels of our HUGE family vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I wanted to share some practices I use to keep my fitness goals in sight. Of course it is vacation, a time to relax and splurge in your diet, but everything you have worked on in the gym over the last few… Continue reading How to Keep Your Fitness Goals Attainable on Vacation

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Upper Body with Shoulder Burnout

There's something about hand-on-the-hip posing for Summer Bikini Pictures that makes women want to tone those arms! I've let you in on the secret is not so much about those curls and triceps extensions as it is about those SHOULDERS. I'm trying to shake the idea that lifting heavy bulks you up, because as… Continue reading Upper Body with Shoulder Burnout

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Cable Series for Your Buns, Hun!

Leg day with squats and your standard lower body machines can seem pretty monotonous. Switch it up with this 3-part cable series that tones your buns, hun! I know your gym has a cable machine, but do they have the ankle straps? If not, you can pick your own up here, and they are totally… Continue reading Cable Series for Your Buns, Hun!


DIY Wood Pergola

When we told people we would be making a pergola together, the most common reaction was "I hope your marriage lasts." Ironically, this was our anniversary gift to each other. We just celebrated our five year anniversary, the year of wood, and our kids were out of town, so it was a great idea, right?!… Continue reading DIY Wood Pergola