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4 Steps to Clean for Your Forgotten About Rug

Let’s face it, other than the occasional vacuum, our rugs rarely see the time of day when it comes it to cleaning. But why? They see smashed food, spilled drinks, dog belly rubs and slobber, and dirty shoes. They’re also a place for crawling children, back cracks, and snack time. It’s time to give our rugs the attention they deserve! After this, the look of cleanliness across your whole home will change, I promise. Here are four simple steps to keep that rug in tip top shape.

1. Vacuum- This is the basic step we try to do at least once a week in our home, but it really kicks off the process. We have a great, lightweight vacuum that makes this weekly chore that much easier.

2. Rubber Brush- While the vacuum is great for the surface, all of Blue’s dog hair seems to intertwine itself into the fine fabric of our rug. We use this rubber brush to get it all out. It works because the rubber in the brush creates a static charge that pulls the hairs out. After this, I did one more vacuum over to pick up any stray hairs that I pulled up.

3. Spot Clean with Carpet Cleaner- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched my kids spill something and said “I’ll clean that up later,” only to ignore it until months later when I’m deep cleaning my rug. We use this great cleaner that is free of harsh chemicals, totally removes odors, and has enzymes that break down weeks-old stains.

4. Steam Clean- if you own a home with carpet and don’t have a steam cleaner, head to Amazon and buy this one now! We used to borrow our friends until I realized that keeping a clean carpet (and rug) helps extend the lifetime of the carpet. We use one tablespoon of this all-natural Laundry Detergent to Clean not only our rug, but all the carpet in our home.

So there you have it! A clean rug in only four steps! We try to do this sequence every 3 months to keep up on the demand we put on our poor, used-to-be-white rug. I am determined to make it last, even with kids and a dog!

Order your cleaners now and get this crossed off your honey do list next week! As a consultant, I love sharing products that work wonders in our home and I get the added benefit of compensation from sales. Thank you for supporting my small business 💖

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