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Kardashian Jumps? A Leg Workout with Power

I’m not saying it’s how they got their big butts, but I have seen this move in many of their episodes with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. That’s why I include “Kardashian Jumps” in a lot of my leg day workouts. The truth behind the move is heavy lifting combined with cardio bursts helps to burn more calories by keeping your heart rate on a constant up and down throughout your workout. And that combination of strength versus force creates powerful muscles that grow into perfect booties, you’re welcome. Enjoy this workout that targets those beautiful, powerful thunder thighs with heavy lifting and jumps. đŸ˜˜

Each circuit (ie farmer lunges, one leg extension, and Kardashian jumps) should be performed twice. Each single exercise (ie Power Clings or Sumo Deadlifts) should be performed in 3 sets of 10 reps, with about a minute to two minutes of rest between sets. Hip Abduction and Hip Adduction at the end should be performed on 3 sets of 15 reps with slightly lighter weight then usual since we are using it as a “finisher.”


Down and Back Farmer Lunges: grab two dumbbells and hold them at your side. Do walking lunges down and back. There is a great area in my gym that’s about 10 lunges long. Keep your core tight to balance the weights. My biggest thing with lunges is watching your knees, they should always be directly over top of your ankles. Achieve this by taking a big step forward,then bending your back leg first so your torso sinks straight down rather than forward.

One Leg Extension: just like a regular leg extension, but only use one leg. Be sure to activate those quads, but don’t lock out your knees. Keep your toes flexed, not pointed to alleviate too much stress on your knee.

Kardashian Jumps: here it is…the move I learned from being obsessed with the Kardashians! Use a tall box, and basically you are stepping up with your right leg and jumping at the top while you bring your left leg up for a knee drive. Then, when your left leg hits the ground, you rock backwards so your right foot comes off the box, then step right back up and do it again. Better explained in the video below. Do 10 on one leg before going to the next leg.

Power Clean: WOW. This move is super hard and needs practice to refine. I haven’t done it in years and am super sore from thi (mostly traps ironically). Start in a regular deadlift position and pull the bar up. By the time it hits your knees, you should be generating speed. Use a fast pull and hip swing to flip the bar up and get your elbows out underneath. Then slowly return to start and go again. This is another one better explained in the video below. I did these in sets of 10 with 1-2 minute rest because you need a lot of power for this move.

Banded Low Squat Shuffles: use a theraband around your lower quads, just above knees. Squat low, stay low, and do down and back squat shuffles. Don’t just step to the side, get some little hops in to really work that gluteus medius.

One Leg Curl: same as leg curl, just use one leg at a time. Really focus on bringing those ankles all the way up to your bum and going slow (3 seconds) on the way down. Remember, the reason for one legged exercises is to really focus the movement and perfect form.

Box Side Jumpovers: use a large box. Stand on the side and jump up and over, then right back. This works gluteus medius, raises heart rate, and the higher box helps range of motion in hip and hits the hip adductors a little bit more.

Sumo Deadlift: stand with wide legs, feet pointed out. Pull bar up. Knees should always follow the path of the feet, so really open up at your hips to get that sumo stance. This works hip adductors more than traditional deadlift.

Hip Adduction: we’ve been talking a lot about these muscles during today’s workout. This is the group of muscles that suffered the most damage from baby Porter, so for the last two years I have been rehabbing them back to normal. It’s a favorite machine in the gym. Sit with your legs as wide as possible and bring together. Some women’s muscles are damaged from birth, others are strengthened, so keep that in mind when selecting weight.

Hip Abduction: in our gym, this is the same machine just reversed. Start with legs as close as possible and push outwards, using your gluteus medius and hip abductors (what I lovingly refer to as your side booty).

And rest, end of workout!!

Let me know what you think about Kardashian Jumps and contact me for your own online personal training routines at

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