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Park Hopping Series: Day Two: Elbow Road Route

A couple of weekends ago when it wasn’t cloudy or rainy, we got together with our best friends. But instead of hitting the clubs, we hit the parks!! We definitely drug the Fox’s along at first, but I think they enjoyed the craziness when all was said and done. For this park Hopping Series in Virginia Beach, we centered our route along Elbow Road. Follow us for the details and take your family friends along for a great time, too!

Park Hopping Series: Let’s face it, we have responsibilities now and hangovers somehow hit us a little harder. Park hopping with your kids will be just as much fun, and give your family an experience that you will actually remember.

This series will feature parks all over Virginia Beach with feedback from my littles, Cambri (3) and Porter (2). Today also features our 3-year-old red headed, spit fire of a friend, Teigan. Use it as a guide to plan your park hopping date and showing your kids just how fun you really are! Spend 10-20 minutes at each park on the list.

Download the VB park finder app to create your own route, or use the ones I’ve created.

Stop One: Hillcrest Farms Park (2464 Savannah Trail) was clean and the cutest little park to kick off this adventure. Teigan and Cambri were just too excited to be on a park Hopping trip together. Porter was going crazy, but enjoyed the swings the best. Teigan loved the chain stepping swings. Overall, this one gets a B rating.

Stop Two: 3 minute drive to stop Bentley Gate Park (2441 Round Hill drive). This park is great for infants, but the equipment was a little too small for our kids. The trees provided lots of shade and pine cones, so we made the most of it by playing hide and seek. However, parking was a little weird, so overall this park gets a D grade from us. If you have babies, it could very well be an A.

Stop Three: Parked in a cul-de-sac after our 4 minute drive to Bellwood Estates Park (2096 Brush Hill Lane). This was a basic park and had (thank goodness) covered picnic tables. Teigan was a master at the green climbing ladder. Porter went for the airplane. Cambri was sweaty and over it. Overall C grade because it was just your average park.

Stop Four: By the time we got here, we knew it would be our last stop because everyone was hot, hungry, thirsty, and we all had to pee. Wyndamere Park (4076 Ware Neck Drive) was a 4 minute drive from our last visit and we parked across the street. Porter loved the airplane (as always) and the little red climbing wall. The girls were obsessed with the elephant. This one gets a C+.

Which parks should we visit on our next adventure??

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