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The Mixer: A Quick All-Over Body Workout

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to create your weekly workout routine? Like you want to work buns but Monday’s are national chest day, who knew? Forget splitting your body into different muscle groups. We have busy lives and can’t make it into the gym five times a week, but we still have goals to hit. Welcome, the full body workout routine!!! It is ideal for those who have limited time, aren’t searching for massive gains, and just want to get shit done. This style of training creates a balanced body (no more asking if you skipped leg day) and mimics athletic movements. The key to this type of workout is going hard and fast to burn tons of calories in a short amount of time. Here’s a simple workout you can do during your lunch break, because you’re an animal like that, right?

Perform two rounds of each superset, or three of you have more time.

Wide Grip Compound Row– I used the curl bar attachment on the cable machine. Sit upright (good posture always), overhand grip, and squeeze your lats to pull the bar towards your lower chest.

Alternate Med Ball Pushup– I used a 6 lb med ball to elevate one hand and alternated sides for each rep. This really tests your core control.

Roman Chair Bicycles– stabilize yourself by making sure you back is flat against the “chair” and elbows are directly underneath shoulders. Move your legs in a bicycle pattern by pulling from your lower abs. Slow and controlled works it better!

Bent Over Wide Barbel Row– use a barbel, hinge forward at your hips, flat back (posture again), and grab the barbel at its widest point. Pull bar up towards your lower chest using your lat muscles (the biggest muscle group in your upper body).

Barbel Chicken Wings– one of my favorite moves for those perfect shoulders. Use an overhand, narrow grip on a curl barbel. Lead with your elbows to pull the bar up. It’s not about how high you can get the bar, but rather how well you’re recruiting your shoulder and upper back muscles (right behind your neck).

Barbel Curls– use that same barbel with an underhand, barrow grip and curl it up towards your chest. I find it helps to lock my elbows into my torso so I’m not using momentum or jerking.

“Heart” Med Ball Pushup– I wanted to call this a diamond push-up but to hold the ball without falling on my face, my hands made a heart instead…dawwww. Perform pushups with your hands on the ball. You should feel it in your triceps more.

Med Ball Squat Jump (and catch!)– this was a new one inspired by a local gym teacher that I tested out on my clients first and fell in love with how fun it is. Hard to explain, but watch the video. Start with a med ball secured between your feet, squat low, jump up, and at the same time you jump, throw the ball upwards with your feet so you can catch it. Tricky!!

Roman Chair Leg Lifts– brace yourself with your back flat against the back and elbows directly under shoulders. Left your legs straight out to hip height working your lower abs and hip flexors.

Alternate Plate Swings– a variation of the kettlebell swing. Hold a plate with one hand, start in a low squat, swing your hips up to move the weight in the air (don’t contract arms), and switch hands (either mid air or when you return to squat).

Also, if you wear great lipstick at the gym, it’s guaranteed you will work out harder and lift heavier. Well that’s not proven, but I definitely believe it;)

What did you think about this all over body workout? Give me your feedback below!!

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