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Trade it out Tuesday: Plastic Straws

I bet you don’t realize how many plastic straws you use on a daily basis. From your morning coffee routine, to your child’s juice box at lunch, to dinner out with family. Think about it, some people won’t even drink out of restaurant cups unless they have a straw! 500 million plastic straws are used in the United States DAILY…that’s enough to fill 127 yellow school buses!! From the age of 5-65, it is estimated that one American uses 38,000 plastic straws over their lifetime. And while straws are only a small part of America’s trash problem, they are too small to be recycled and their slender, unique structure poses big threats to wildlife. Just check out this viral video from 2015 if you want to see the graphic details. Moreover, they are made from non-renewable fossil fuels and most contain BPA.

The movement to reduce plastic straw usage can be seen right here in your own community! Here’s how you can be part of the movement (this is a bandwagon you are going to want to jump on!):

Go Straw-less. Worldwide coffee chain Starbucks recently started incorporating straw-less cold brew lids. Another option would be to encourage your local restaurants to provide straws on an ask-for basis, not just served automatically.

Choose Compostable. In Europe, many big chain restaurants have already moved to a paper made, compostable straw alternative. But you can even buy a similar version from Walmart or Thrive Market.

Find a Stainless Steel Alternative. This is the one we use. It’s brilliant design mimics the bend of the real thing and you can even get a special cleaning brush, too! You can easily carry these around in your purse for when you’re out and about. As an Independent Sales Consultant, I’m required to tell you that I do receive commission for promoting the products we love and use daily.

Shop Glass Straws. You might even come across some in your local shops or farmers markets. Here’s one you can buy online and they are surprising durable.

Try Collapsible. Not available yet and just recently funded on Kickstarter, this collapsible straw by FinalStraw is designed to stay on your keychain for easy access. When you support the development, they even send cards you can leave at local coffee shops and bars encouraging management to go straw-less. Now that’s a campaign we can get behind!

Comment below: What option works best for you and your family?

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