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Not-So-Heavy Leg Day

For those days when you are sick of heavy squats and are craving a bodyweight based leg day, this is the one. Quick, but it still causes a burn! If you are really craving a deep burn, try adding two sets of 10 heavy deadlifts between each circuit!!

As pictured, complete each circuit group twice before moving to the next one.

Exercise Descriptions:

Leg Press: Use the linear leg press with a heavy weight. Feet should be hip width apart on the platform. Let legs come as low as you can while maintaining good knee posture (knees in line with feet and slightly opening, do not let knees come together and do not let knees lock out).

One Leg Cable Deadlift: Use a freedom train or cable machine with the bracket set at the bottom and a triangle handle attachment. Hold the weight in your right arm and balance on the right leg, then extend your body so your right arm and left leg are one long line. This is a deadlift, so stand up using your butt and hamstring in the right leg. Try not to let the left foot touch the ground. This will help you to really engage the right butt cheek when you stand up tall. It’s a hard move to get, but practice makes perfect. Repeat on the other side as pictured.

One Leg Press: place one foot on platform directly in line with hip (not centered). Let leg come as close to chest as possible. One leg press really opens up your range of motion and allows the butt to work more! Do your reps on one leg and switch. It doesn’t matter what side you put the weight on, because the sleigh evenly distributes the weight.

Curtsy Lunge With Raise: Step your leg behind you and curtsy lunge, then on the way up, that leg goes to the side in a hip abduction. Repeat 10 reps on the side before switching to the next leg.

TRX Pistol Squats: Use the TRX at medium length and balance on one Leg. With the other leg straight in the air, squat as you normally would with knee aligned with ankle and chest up. Use your leg to stand up, do not pull with your arms, and always keep the TRX tight.

Box Jumps: Choose an appropriate box or step for your ability. I always start on top and jump backwards for my first jump because it helps with those confidence levels LOL. Use power in both your legs and swing your arms to jump up and land on the box.

Weighted Low Squat Shuffles: Hold a kettlebell or other weight at or heat, keep a low squat and walk down and back (almost like a crab). Keep the squat position he entire time, don’t stand up until your finished.

Box Side Jumpovers: Stand next to a high box (maybe even higher than you use for box jumps). Use quick feet back and forth jumping if you can, walking if you have to. The idea here is to get your heart rate up while working your inner thigh and hip mobility.

Slider Hip Wipers: Use sliders under both feet, start in plank position. Open up hips and move them in a semi-circle pattern, alternating legs.

Slider Mountain Climbers: Again, sliders under both legs and start in plank. Then, alternate legs to climb that mountain!

Slider Pikes: Start in that same position, sliders under both feet and planking. Use your abs and hip flexors to bring your butt straight up in the air. I tell my clients to pretend like there is a puppet string coming out of their butt pulling them straight up! Too much? But it’s a great visual!

Now that was a fun day in the gym! Follow me on Instagram for more fitspo, @amberlaunstein !!!

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