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Let’s Switch Up Your Ab Cruncher Machine Routine

It’s almost everyone’s favorite machine in the gym, because let’s face it, we all want 6 pack abs. You hop on it every time you’re in the gym, whether it’s one set of 100 or three sets of 10. Here’s a fun way to switch up your routine on the Ab Cruncher Machine.

The Ab Cruncher in our gym is Nautilus brand and goes up in 10 pound increments.

Start at 10 reps x 10 pounds, then 10 reps x 20 pounds, then 10 reps x 30 pounds, etc…all the way up the weight stack with minimal rest until you physically cannot get 10 reps.

Take a momentary break, then start doing as many reps as possible back down the stack. Start with whatever your max weight was, but mine looked something like this: AMRAP x 50 pounds, AMRAP x 40 reps, etc. Complete with minimal rest and truly max out reps at each level.

I recommend you do this at the end of your workout so those poor abs can go home and rest afterwards. Try it out and let me know what weight you maxed out at!

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