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Park Hopping Series: Day One: Lago Mar Route

Long gone are the bar hopping days of our twenties. You know… spend all Thursday shopping for the sexiest outfit, watching Jersey Shore while you perfected your hair and makeup, then leaving the house for the club at 11pm. The entire weekend went by way too fast and way too blurred together. Let me introduce you to the new “hopping.”

Park Hopping Series: Let’s face it, we have responsibilities now and hangovers somehow hit us a little harder. Park hopping with your kids will be just as much fun, and give your family an experience that you will actually remember.

This series will feature parks all over Virginia Beach with feedback from my littles, Cambri (3) and Porter (2). Use it as a guide to plan your park hopping date and showing your kids just how fun you really are! Spend 10-20 minutes at each park on the list.

Download the VB park finder app to create your own route, or use the ones I’ve created.

We’re calling Day One of park hopping “The Lago Mar Route.”

Stop One: We started our trip at Red Mill Farms Park. Nestled among sports fields, this place is spacious and even has bathrooms. Our favorites: the swings and the climby thing. B+ Grade.

Stop Two: It’s a 4 minute drive to the Lago Mar Park. We were immediately excited to see a zip line…it took me right back to our elementary school “zipper.” The blue climbing thing was a favorite, too. But this park stop was a little traumatic with Cambri tripping and getting a bloody nose. Otherwise, A grade.

Stop Three: Another 6 minute drive to the Lago Mar at Back Bay Park. Our favorite parts were the climbing dome and making a new friend. B Grade.

Stop Four: Only 3 minutes to our last stop, Lago Mar North Park. The water makes for a pretty scene but the park itself is pretty basic. C grade.

We totally enjoyed this family time and can’t wait to go again!! Comment below and let us know what City of Virginia Beach Park you want to see in our next adventure!

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