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8 MUST DO Spring Cleaning Tricks for Toddler Moms

Spring cleaning is a big enough task, then throw in two toddlers and a dog! Not only is that more spills, toys, and feces, but it means more time spent and deeper cleaning needed. Here are a couple of chores that moms of toddlers MUST complete, and some products that make it easy (and don’t have harsh chemicals).

Deep Clean potties. Sure they get the daily rinse, but still, somehow, they get pretty nasty! Soak in the bathtub with 1 tablespoon chemical free Dishwashing liquid and water, then wipe down with your Envirocloth.

Wash Sheets and clean the mattress.Recent studies have shown that beds have dust mite poop, mold, and sweat…all of which can cause allergic reactions in our bodies. Strip the bed and toss the sheets (and pillows) in the laundry with some Ultra Power Plus (a little goes a long way). Flip the mattress, clean with your steamer if you must, or just spritz with a chemical free mattress cleaner.

Sort through old clothes, toys, books and donate. This will make your cleaning projects easier…eliminate! Use bins to Keep, Donate, or Trash. You might even consider doing a joint garage sale with your neighbors or best mommy buddies. Then, organize the playroom with labeled bins.

Wipe down toys. This tedious chore is made easy peasy with a wet Envirocloth. It picks up 99% of bacteria from surfaces using just water, so you know your kids are safe when they pretend to eat the wood bread.

Wash those car seats (and underneath them, too). Most car seats are easily stripped down to the base. Toss the covers in the wash with a little bit of Ultra Power Plus. Wipe down the base and buckles with a wet Envirocloth. Vacuum underneath where the kids “store” all those snacks. Wipe with wet Envirocloth for stains.

Clean out that snack drawer/bin. Throw out expired snacks and wipe down your bin with a wet Envirocloth. Let dry completely before filling back up with the goodies!

Clean those carpets! The five second rule only works when the carpets are clean. And between the kids and the puppies, those carpets need a cleaning! Vacuum first, then do a run through with your carpet cleaner (or rent one for $25 if you must). We dilute one scoop Ultra Power Plus with a full container of water in ours.

Spot Treat. We all know that spot where the kids really ruined something and we just left it for another time. For chocolate finger prints on the wall, try a damp Envirocloth. For marker on the table, try a damp Envirocloth paired with our magic Cleaning Paste. For fingerprints on the tv, clean with a wet Envirocloth and dry with the Window Cloth. For that unknown stain on the carpet, try the Carpet Stain Remover and Envirocloth.

Complete these tasks before school is out and summer comes full force! Your home will thank you for it. Cmon mama, put on your favorite high school jams, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get to work!

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