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A Shoulder Burn Out You Won’t Forget

If there’s one area I need to consciously work at to get results, it’s my arms! I worked curl after tricep pulldown to get the best arms, but they just kept getting bigger and lacked the definition I was working towards. Then I discovered the secret… your shoulders! There’s a tiny group of muscles called the deltoids and when they are defined, it makes your arms look more Fitness queen than strong man. While most women don’t want wide shoulders, toning these muscles gave me the muscular look I was looking for. Try this shoulder burnout at the end of your regular upper body day to really feel the burn.

Do 10 reps of each exercise without rest. After you complete all five exercises, take a water break. Then do another set, maybe even two more sets depending on how much you have left in ya!

Exercise Descriptions:

Side Raise: stand with arms at side holding dumbbells in neutral position. Raise arms to shoulder height and return to resting position. Going any higher than shoulder height can put unnecessary pressure on rotator cuff. It is okay if you slightly bend arms at elbow.

Arnold Presses: for the shoulder burnout, I perform these standing. Start holding dumbbells with fists facing you. As you press upwards, rotate your hands and push dumbbells together.

Chicken Wings: aka upright row. Start holding dumbbells with hands facing body. Pull upwards, leading with elbows. Watch your wrists, be sure they are not bending too much. Don’t worry about how high you can get it, as long as you’re pulling from shoulders/upper back.

Overhead Press: stand with abs tight so you are not bending. Hands are facing out, press dumbbells up and together.

Front Raise: start with dumbbells on the front of your thighs. Lift up with straight arms, and again only go to shoulder height.

Try this out and let me know if your shoulders were feeling it the next day!!!

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