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Green Magic AKA Elbow Grease in a Jar

Have you ever accidentally burned dinner? Or maybe the kids somehow found the one permanent marker in the house. Then you have the everyday buildup that accumulates in your oven, on your floor, or even in your car. Where some call it “Elbow grease in a jar,” I prefer “Green Magic” because this paste can be a lifesaver in any room of the house but doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. Just check out these real life examples, right from my own home.

This one is my favorite because I was heading to the garbage to throw this pout out and thought, “Maybe I should try the Cleaning Paste, but there is no way it will actually work.” Magic people!! The naturally abrasive powdered marble took off ALL that burnt gunk and we use this pot in our kitchen to this day! #LifeSaver #PotSaver

Anyone with tile in their home knows how fast that grout goes from white to brown, especially in our kitchen. Every so often I grab my Cleaning Paste and an Envirocloth and get to work! It cleans in minutes. And it also works great on the tile itself!

I love a good thrift store find, especially an educational book. When I opened the cover to find this, I was taken aback! But no fear, the Cleaning Paste cleaned all those stained pages!

And permanent marker on my fancy new cabinets!!! Okay, maybe I wrote this, not the kids, but IF WHEN they get that bright idea, I’ll have this trick in my back pocket, er Cleaning cabinet.

Does your park have black rubber? It drives me crazy because our kids nice shoes always come home looking like 🤮. A little Cleaning Paste goes a long way here in making those rubber soles look brand new.

Oh dear lord, that time I tried making oatmeal with warm milk and forgot. My husband sees a pattern here: I always get sidetracked midway thought cooking something. Praise the lord I have Cleaning Paste! It worked on my glass stove top to clean this burnt in, sticky mess. And we just made oatmeal in the microwave after this.

So you see, it’s proven more than useful in our busy, crazy home and I hope it will help you out of a jam, too. Order by following this link. I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and love sharing products that actually work and can help you out!

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