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Tone it Up Arms!

Hello ladies!! Did you know you can lift weights and not look like a bodybuilder? Well that’s not entirely true. I mean, if you are watching your macros, spending 3 hours a day in the gym six days a week, and planning your supplement schedule, then yes, maybe you will earn the body of a bodybuilder. And while that look is beautiful and admirable, most people just want to get rid of the flab on their arms. So here’s a killer thirty minute workout to tone up, but not bulk up.

Do two sets of each superset. Workout should take about 30 minutes. Choose heavy weights since we’re only doing 10 reps.


Cable One Arm Row: attach a triangle handle to the cable machine. Set the bracket about hip level. Grab the handle and take a step backwards so there is always tension on the cord. Sit in a little bit of a squat to counter-act the weight. With your back straight, pull one arm back as if your performing the row. Keep your core tight so you are not twisting or turning, but staying square to the cable set up. Do 10 on one side before switching to the next arm.

Chest Press: lay flat on a bench (or prop your feet up if you like). Start with dumbbells at the outside of your chest and push up, maintaining dumbbells over chest (not face).

Barbel Chicken Wings: just a fancy name for an upright row. Stand tall and with an overhand grip, pull the bar upwards. Lead with your elbows and do not bend at your wrist. You should feel this one all across your upper back/shoulders.

Barbel Curls: go immediately into barbell curls. Rest elbows on your torso so the work is targeted directly in your biceps (front of arms). Be sure you are coming all the way up and down.

Slider Push-up/Flys: whew, these are a killer, so drop to your knees (like I did) for push-ups if you need to. Basically you do a regular push-up with sliders under your hands, but as you push up, bring your hands together simulating a chest fly.

Barbel Skullcrushers: lay flat on the bench with that same barbel. Start with arms completely straight up over chest, then, bending at the elbows, bring your hands towards you face (hence the name, but don’t actually crush your skull, k?). The trick here is keeping your elbows stationary and in line with your chest so that the exercise targets your triceps on the back of your arms.

Cable Bar Curl: use a straight bar attachment and set cable apparatus at the bottom of the pole. Take a step back to keep tension, lock elbows in sides and use an underhand grip to curl up.

Down/Back Slider Sled Pushes: this will get your heart rate up! Preferably do this one on carpet for better resistance. Just like a regular sled push, bend down and “run” the sliders towards your finish line. Down and back just means I ran them down and back in this open area of our gym. Maybe you do it down and back twice if your area is small.

Cable Rope Hammer Curls: Attach a rope to the cable machine and move the device to the bottom again. Use a neutral grip on the rope attachment to curl up. I try to keep my elbows in my sides so it’s just my biceps working and I keep good form.

Cable Reverse Bar Curl: and the finisher for those biceps!Use the same form as the cable bar curl, the same bar and the same cable set up. But you’re probably going to drop the weight a little because for this exercise we use an overhand grip to strengthen our forearms and our biceps.

Obviously depending on your weights, but this was one workout where I could barely hold my phone to my ear or even wash my hair afterwards!! You’ve been warned!

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