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TRX for Dat Booty

Thank you to Kim K and Sir Mix A Lot for all they have done for the increase in popularity of the butt in pop culture! Almost everyone nowadays wants buns, hun. I love this workout because even though it’s strictly bodyweight, I was still sore the next day!

TRX is awesome because it engages the stabilization of all muscles in the body with every movement. To achieve this, keep the strap taut at all times, never let it go limp.

TRX Lunge to knee up – lunge backwards then bring knee up as far as it can go. Repeat 15 reps on one side, then switch to the other

TRX Squat jumps – squat jumps as regular, but holding the straps. You almost have to jump back at an angle to keep straps tight

Sumo squats – no trx, open those hips as wide as they go and point your toes outwards. Knees should always follow the path of the toes. Keep chest up for good posture.

Curtsy lunge with raise – step your leg behind you and curtsy lunge, then on the way up, that leg goes to the side in a hip abduction. Repeat 15 reps on the side before switching to the next leg.

TRX side lunge – step to left side, bending left knee and keeping right leg straight. Try to keep feet pointing forwards with knees always following path of toe. Trick here is the bent knee shouldn’t be turning to the side, your butt should still be sticking out, almost like a squat, so the leg remains straight in front of your hip. Alternate sides to complete the reps. 15 each side.

Burpees – no trx, just jump down, jump back, jump in, jump up!

Complete two to three rounds of each circuit, then finish with 10 minutes on the stair master

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