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My Mom’s (Date) Balls: A Recipe to Conquer that Sweet Tooth

A recipe for my mom's (date) balls... The Whole30 diet is great and all, but damn it if I don't still crave something sweet after dinner. And bananas or berries get old REAL fast. Dates are my secret weapon, but not by themselves because seriously the texture is just EW and having to pick a… Continue reading My Mom’s (Date) Balls: A Recipe to Conquer that Sweet Tooth

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Workout: Leg Press + Bench

Just because your trainer is out of town for a week doesn't mean your workouts can slack! Here's a little leg day I wrote for my clients while I was out of town. Perform each superset twice before moving on to the next group of exercises. Description of exercises: Leg Press - Use the linear… Continue reading Workout: Leg Press + Bench

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Elephant String Art

My beautiful sister Anna is expecting a baby in May!! We are so excited for yet another girl to join the Kassuba gain. Finnley Elsie, Elsie being our Grandma Viv's middle name. There is just something the gets me about a unique first name and a family middle name (hence Cambri Joan and Porter Lee).… Continue reading Elephant String Art

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Dry-Rub Country Style Ribs with Broccoli Steaks and Cauliflower Grits

Trying my best to pretend I'm a southern girl, even though I'm from Michigan. I'm not crazy about real-life grits, and this Cauliflower version not only tastes good, but is much healthier! Southern BBQ sauces can add a slew of additives and calories, so I opted for a dry rub that not only gives complex… Continue reading Dry-Rub Country Style Ribs with Broccoli Steaks and Cauliflower Grits

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A Sweet Snack that is Whole30 Approved

On my first couple days of this crazy diet plan, I found my self craving (dyingggg) for something sweet! But what besides berries, dates, and bananas could possibly be good for you and sweet at the same time?! The more disgusting it looks, the sweeter the taste: Plantains! 🍌🍌 Here's how easy it is to… Continue reading A Sweet Snack that is Whole30 Approved

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TRX for Dat Booty

Thank you to Kim K and Sir Mix A Lot for all they have done for the increase in popularity of the butt in pop culture! Almost everyone nowadays wants buns, hun. I love this workout because even though it's strictly bodyweight, I was still sore the next day! TRX is awesome because it engages… Continue reading TRX for Dat Booty

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My Favorite Butt Exercise

Something about pushing a baby out that just makes your butt go flat, can any momma's relate? It's because during pregnancy, your spine actually changes to have an exaggerated curve, accentuating that booty. Then you have your sweet bundle of joy and are no longer carrying that extra weight load, so the spine returns to… Continue reading My Favorite Butt Exercise

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Whole30 Approved Nachos

If y'all haven't figured it out by now, I absolutely LOVE Mexican food. So how in the world could I manage the Whole30 diet without including Nachos? I just couldn't do it. In fact, during my last week of Whole30 I was eating these almost every day, and still not tired of them! Brand names… Continue reading Whole30 Approved Nachos