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Cauliflower Rice

Since doing the Whole 30 last May, cauliflower rice has become a staple in my diet. Just check out this graphic from Dr. Axe: Plus, it make a yummy, low calorie alternative to regular rice, couscous, potatoes, pasta, or whatever other carb you use to fill your plate (and stomach). Here's the simple run down:… Continue reading Cauliflower Rice

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Back and Abs for Sore Obliques

And by sore obliques, I mean sore obliques within hours! I loved the different ways this workout challenged my core. Did you know your core actually consists of more than just abdominal muscles? It is a general term that also includes lower back and hip flexors. These are all muscle groups that help your body… Continue reading Back and Abs for Sore Obliques

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DIY Alphabet Banner

I have an Instagram crush on @lindseyrenek because she's a simple, yet super involved mommy of two adorable kids with quirky names (that I love) and has such a unique style...both in clothes and interior design. I totally fell in love with a recent pic she shared of her new playroom and had some major… Continue reading DIY Alphabet Banner

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Clean your Car in Five Minutes!

Ridiculous right! You only need three things and there are no chemicals involved. Of course dirt is unsightly, but it also can damage your cars paint job! And get this... dirty cars affect how much fuel you burn up. A clean car has 10% better fuel efficiency then a dirty car! Gather your supplies: 1.… Continue reading Clean your Car in Five Minutes!