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Homemade Whole30 Trail Mix (All Ingredients Found at Lidl)!

If you haven’t tried the Whole30 diet at least once, have you even lived?? Anyone who truly cares about their health should take a serious look at this diet that cuts out all forms of sugar, wheat, dairy, and legumes. So what else is left for you to eat? A whole bunch of meat, fruit, and veggies. But let me tell you, the first couple days I feel like I am starving!! I’m lacking fat in my diet and am craving something sweet (most of which I can’t have). So Trail Mix seems like the perfect go to, until you realize peanuts are a legume and most varieties of trail mix have at least some form of sugar in either chocolate or added to the dried fruit.

Here’s the recipe I came up with browsing our local Lidl shelves. I’m all about eating healthy on a budget.

  • 16 oz Jumbo Seedless Raisin Medley
  • 6 oz Dried Apricot
  • 10 oz Just Seeds Unsalted Seed Blend
  • 8 oz Roasted and Salted Cashew Halves and Pieces
  • 12 oz Just Nuts Salted Roasted Almonds
  • 6 oz Shelled Pecans

Mix it all together with your hands. Then, because I like to reuse and recycle, I just packaged it in the same resealable bags the ingredients came in. I’ll bring a bag to munch on at work!

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