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Big Booty Judy

Does anyone remember when being called a “Big Booty Judy” was an insult? Ya, me either. That’s why I created this workout with my two absolutely most favorite Butt Building exercises!!

Perform two rounds of the supersets, but three rounds of squats!

Here’s a breakdown of the exercises:

Single Leg Press – Use a Leg press machine as normal, just less weight. Fun fact, if your gym had a plate loaded leg press like mine, you can put weights on only one side and it will evenly distribute the weight. Here I tell my clients to put your single foot on the platform about hip width apart (just like you would for regular leg press, but only with one leg). Open your hip as you come down and sink as low as you can. The benefit to one leg is the ability to work your range of motion more.

Hip Openers – this one is from my college running days, but it always helps to actively stretch out the hips before squats. Pretend there is a sideways hurdle in front of you. Bring your foot up and over the hurdle, then reverse the motion. Bring the knee up high and really work the ball joint of your hip by forcing it to turn out.

Heavy Squats – the Mac daddy of all leg workouts! Squat form is constantly being worked on, even for me. When in doubt, stick it out. For my clients, I ask that you keep your chest up, butt out, and I’m always watching your knees. I never want your knees to move past your toes. Instead, put your weight in your heels and keep knees directly above ankles as much as possible.

Glute Kick Back – Use a cable machine with either an ankle strap or a triangle handle attachment. Bend over, moving hands low on the cable machine for balance. Kick one leg backwards (like a donkey), really squeezing your butt, trying to keep your body in a straight line parallel to the floor. Do your 10 reps on one side before switching to the other side.

Overhead Walking Lunges – find a long space in your gym and grab a small barbel. Hold barbel overhead and walk your lunges, watching your knee and alternating legs. Same tip as for squats – don’t let that knee come past your toes, the knee should remain directly above the ankle. Think big step for lunge, but the body doesn’t shift forwards, instead it sinks straight down.

Weighted Glute Bridge – sit with your shoulder blades on a bench. Rest the bar on the upper part of your thighs where it won’t bother your hips bones. Drop your hips, then bring them up in an admittedly sexy thrust. Squeeze your butt cheeks, abs, and quads.

Body Weight Single Leg Curl – one of my favorites for finishing leg day. Get one heel on the bench with the opposite leg straight in air. Then, pushing from your elbows and squeezing hips/abs, push your body into a straight line from your knee to your shoulder.

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