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Clean your Car in Five Minutes!

Ridiculous right! You only need three things and there are no chemicals involved. Of course dirt is unsightly, but it also can damage your cars paint job! And get this… dirty cars affect how much fuel you burn up. A clean car has 10% better fuel efficiency then a dirty car!

Gather your supplies:

1. A bucket of water

2. Car wash mitt

3. Car cloth

Literally wet down the car wash mitt with JUST water and start wiping. Rinse in bucket as needed. This mitt is made with super fine microfibers that pick up 99% of particles from the surface. It has two different sides… a chenille nubby side (the one I use most of the time when cleaning my car) and a smooth sponge side for scrubbing. The microfiber holds all the grime and prevents the dirt from scratching the surface of the car. It’s so absorbent that you will only need one bucket of water to clean your whole car!

The car cloth is a must have; I call it the polishing cloth. Use it to dry the surface (directly after the car wash mitt). Then I usually go over a second time with the car cloth to make sure I get all the water spots off and keep my car looking shiny new!

Here’s a couple bonuses when you don’t use chemicals:

  • Eliminate residual “chemical muck” that can be left behind on your car and also harm the environment
  • Chemicals leave behind a residue that provides a surface for more dirt and grime to attract to (ie streaks on windows). When you clean with just water, you don’t have to clean as often.
  • Save on your water bill!

What are you waiting for? Order yours now, or get as a gift for Father’s Day!!

**I am a Norwex independent sales consultant, but I promise to only promote products that I truly love and that will make your life easier!

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