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Ab Circuit: Band + Ball + Bar + Barbel

This is an Ab workout you won’t want to miss! It’s a little longer than my normal workouts, should take about 35-45 minutes. I used four modalities to create the ultimate abdominal circuit to hit your midsection from all different angles. At your gym, Find the resistance bands, stability Ball, pull-up bar, and small barbels and get to work!

When your client wants something a little different, you throw this workout together!! I had @millenialfashionista do circuits with four different exercises. We repeated each circuit twice.

Here’s the deets:

Band Seated Squat Jumps – Band just above knees, perform squat jumps as normal, aiming to tap the low stool with your booty. Try not to sit on the stool, just tap your butt.

Stability Ball Walkouts – with good plank position on the stability Ball, walk your hands forward until the ball is all the way to your feet. Then walk your hands backwards until the ball is near your hips to give your abs a little rest. That’s one rep, now repeat.

Assisted Pull-ups – Use the band on the regular pull-up bar OR use the assisted pull up machine. I prefer using a wide grip to really hit those lats.

Bar Side Bends – these were extremely hard to keep the bar balanced. Try gripping it with your thumb straight on the bar. Crunch to the side, working the Abs on the opposite side of the weight. You might need to crunch slightly forward to feel it.

Band squat Jax – use Band just above knees again. Jump wide into a squat and then jump so your feet or narrow. This is a combo move of squat jumps and jumping jacks. The band wants to pull your knees together, so be conscious while performing the movement to open your hips up and work against the band to point knees outward.

Stability Ball Pike – walk out until the ball is near the bottom of your shins. Use your abs to stick your butt in the air, almost like a puppet string is coming from your butt. Your feet should almost be on a tip toe at the very peak of the movement.

Hanging Bicycles – hang straight from the pull-up bar and alternate your legs coming up, mimicking a bicycle movement. The trick here is keeping your core consistently tight to minimize swaying.

Bar Overhead Sit-ups – hold the bar directly over chest and push it “into the ceiling” as you come up. Control yourself on the way back down.

Band Low Squat Shuffle – Use Band just above knees. Keep good squat form, with your butt low and chest high. Shuffle back and forth, almost like a crab.

Stability Ball Skiers – I had to make an appearance because this one was hard to master. Walk out so stability Ball is near bottom of shins. Turn your hips and bring your knees outwards toward chest, alternating each time. This really hits your obliques and is similar to a skier moving back and forth around flags on the slopes.

Hanging Leg lifts – hang from the pull-up bar and bring your legs straight in front of you. We modified this to knee tucks, where you bring your knees straight up towards abs.

Bar Back/Forth Abs – start with a bar over chest and legs up, then lengthen your body and bring it all back together. To protect your shoulder joint, only go back so far with the bar that your shoulder isn’t feeling a need to rotate out. Your legs can come all the way to the floor.

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