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Easy Animal Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

There’s just something so special about sending off a homemade valentine!! Let’s face it, Grandma and Grandpa’s love nothing more than their grandkids, so these are sure to hang on the fridge all year!

I pre cut all the hearts and lines, wrote on the hearts before hand, and packaged up in ziploc bags with google eyes from the dollar store. Toddler’s attention span is basically zilch so we made these over a three day span. It was easier to have everything prepackaged and just pull it out when we were ready with some glue sticks. You can see which ones I was in charge of and which ones the kids did (or at least hopefully you realize I didn’t put three eyes on a frog).






Edited to include this sweet picture from Cambri and Porter’s Grandma:

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