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25 Things to do with Your Toddler when Baby, it’s Cold Outside

We’ve have a recent winter storm in Virginia Beach, so let me tell you…it has tested our patience with our two toddlers. Here are some fun things you can try to keep those busy bodies entertained!

  1. Dance party…crank up that Trolls Pandora
  2. Make a run to Starbucks
  3. Find it box…put all their small toys in a box and play a real life I spy game
  4. Pinterest crafts…we searched “Toddler valentine crafts” and a bunch of stuff comes up. I usually craft based on an upcoming holiday
  5. Pop some popcorn and watch a movie
  6. Make cookies
  7. Visit Barnes and Noble…hello books, but ours even had a train table to play on
  8. Try the Mall tot lot…you might even make a friend
  9. Go outside and play in the snow, even if it only last 5 minute (Make a snow angel, snowman, or even a fort)
  10. Try out an indoor play place like Funville
  11. Do you have a close children’s museum?
  12. Library!! And it’s free.
  13. Make a fire…either in the fireplace or outside in the fire pit, but make sure you have s’mores!
  14. Make Bath Bombs, then take a warm bath
  15. Read a book, or two, or ten
  16. Clean out their closet, and ask them what clothes they like or don’t.
  17. Paint. Could be as simple as paper and watercolors, or even a little easel set from the dollar store.
  18. Make snow ice cream
  19. Color the snow!!
  20. Play hide and seek, even more fun with a hulk mask
  21. Practice your alphabet, whether singing or matching magnets
  22. Trampoline park? Talk about wearing them out
  23. While doing laundry, have them put away part of their clothes, like PJs. Kids love feeling responsible.
  24. Pull out your old guitar, and maybe even let them strum a little.
  25. Play a board game (pie face is a favorite).

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