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Bath Bombs from your cupboard!

My little one is obsessed with Bath Bombs but I almost threw up when I found out a bag of Troll Bath Bombs from Kohl’s cost $16!!

There had to be another solution…

I found this amazing Momma with a recipe that used stuff I already had, so it was perfect to make on a whim!

Check out her tutorial here >>

I looked up a TON of different recipes and gathered the ingredients for them all, but this was my favorite!!

Here are some tips:

  • Cream of tartar can be expensive!! Be sure to buy in bulk or from Aldi 😉
  • Liquid food coloring will work better than gel
  • We used about 20 drops essential oil for each batch.
  • Less water is best. Like 3-4 squirts ONLY
  • We froze them in the freezer for about an hour, then set on the counter until they dried (by night, they were ready).
  • Only use silicone trays. We tried muffin tins and they just crumbled before we could get them out.
  • Since we made ours around Christmas, we used pine tree and snowflake sprinkles. For the scents we used all essential oils: Young Living Pine, Young Living Christmas Spirit, Norwex Soothing Blend, and Scentsy Peppermint Stick.
  • Let me tell you, Avocado oil is THE way to go!! The kids’ skin is so so so soft!!
  • Here’s the link for the silicone forms we used:

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