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Easy Meal Prep for your Toddler

I'm always concerned about what my Littles are eating!! Daycare lunch menus can be filled with Mac and cheese, hot dogs and even pizza Fridays! I'd much rather send my kids with food that grows their brain instead of something that can cause them health issues. That being said, we do let our kids have… Continue reading Easy Meal Prep for your Toddler

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Bath Bombs from your cupboard!

My little one is obsessed with Bath Bombs but I almost threw up when I found out a bag of Troll Bath Bombs from Kohl's cost $16!! There had to be another solution... I found this amazing Momma with a recipe that used stuff I already had, so it was perfect to make on a… Continue reading Bath Bombs from your cupboard!


Birthday Boards

Such a great Christmas gift, right?? Well, I hope my grandma thinks so!! The hard thing about shopping for grandparents is that they already have every thing. I decided to make these because recently we have had a lot of babies, anniversaries and babies in the way!! I got most of my supplies from… Continue reading Birthday Boards

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Bun-less Turkey Burgers and Baked French Fries 🍟

It's like the healthy version of burger and fries. Easy to whip up, tasty and good on the go!! I usually make my meals big enough to feed me, my husband and a little for the kids PLUS have at least 1-2 meals leftover so I can take them to work throughout the week. It's… Continue reading Bun-less Turkey Burgers and Baked French Fries 🍟


My Favorite College Circuit

This is easily my favorite go-to workout when I want to burn some calories and feel sore for a few days! My college roommate and I did this one pretty much weekly, and it almost always cured our hangovers. If you do this with a partner, it makes the calorie burn even better because you… Continue reading My Favorite College Circuit

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Ground Turkey Mexican Bowl with Lime Cream Sauce 💃🏼

In case you can't tell, Mexican is one of my favorites. In fact, when I texted my husband exclaiming that tonight's dinner was 💣, he replied "I knew it would be, Mexican is your specialty!" But for real, countless hours of making nachos in the microwave throughout college has really taught me a lot 😂😂… Continue reading Ground Turkey Mexican Bowl with Lime Cream Sauce 💃🏼