Infused Water

Blackberry-Sage Infused Water

It’s Tasty Tuesday!

Here at Anytime Fitness Kempsville, I threw together this concoction:

2 Gallons water + Ice + Handful Sage + 24 oz Blackberries

or for a signal serving, try 1 sprig Sage, 5 Blackberries, top with water and ice.

The key to this one…Start by putting sage in the jug or your cup, and bruise the leaves with a mortar (I use the one that came in our bar kit). Top with Blackberries and mash those, too.

My mom brought me fresh Sage, and the flavor in the water was SO great!

Side Note: after sitting for a couple hours, the berries looked like they had some sort of mold on them. I immediately pulled them out of the water, but they didn’t have any mold. I don’t know if when I mashed them up, the white centers took on a moldy look or what. But I would recommend drinking this one immediately and not letting it sit for too long. Our members were giving us weird looks…

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