Ginger-Apple-Lemon Infused Water

For this week’s Tasty Tuesday at my gym, we sampled some Ginger-Apple-Lemon infused water! There were mixed reviews…same hated it, saying the ginger needed a sweeter compliment or that it tasted “earthy.” However, most members loved it and said it was the best they ever tasted in the realm of infused waters! I guess it all depends on your Ginger tolerance, as that was the main flavor and seemed overpowering to some.

We made ours in a 2 gallon dispenser jug

1.5 Gallons of Water

20 Drops Ginger Essential Oil (preferably Young Living)

5 Apples

5 Lemons

Start by cutting up your fruits and removing the rind from the lemons.

Side Notes: With infused waters, I have found it is best to crush the fruit as the juices give the water the best flavor. Also, I always remove rinds from fruit if I plan on letting the water sit…the rinds tend to give the water a bitter taste if they sit for anything over an hour.

Put your cut up fruits in the jug (or your cup) and mash up. Add the Ginger essential oil. Fill with Water. Add ice if you want.

This drink is definitely going to add a ZING to your morning! Other benefits include antioxidants (which we all seem to need here in Virginia Beach right now!), nausea relief, anti-inflammatory effects (perfect post-workout), fresh breath, energy boost, aids in digestion, and most importantly…helps to keep you HYDRATED! Why drink boring water?!?!

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