Healthy Mexican Bowl

One of my favorite recipes is a Mexican bowl! You can load yours up with your favorite vegetables and proteins. With limited cheese and by eliminating the tortilla or chips, this is definitely my go-to for healthy mexican. 💃🏻💃🏻 1.5 pounds chicken breast 1 packet taco seasoning Red hot (to taste) 2-3 cups lettuce 1.5… Continue reading Healthy Mexican Bowl

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Essential Oil Teething Ointment

Little Porter's teeth sure are giving him heck! Cambri was such an easy Teether...I swear they would just appear over night! Poor Porter's teeth take weeks to come in! My normally smiley boy is screaming and biting my nipples when I'm trying to feed him! I needed to make this oil so he would stop!… Continue reading Essential Oil Teething Ointment


All-Over Body Circuit

I love this quick little circuit for all-over body!  20 Leg Raise + 10 Landmine Thrusters + 10 Ball Slams, then reps of 18-9-9, 16-8-8 all the way to 2-1-1!  If that's not enough, try adding another circuit using the same rep scheme, but these exercises: 10 Assisted Pull-ups + 10 Kettlebell Swings + 20… Continue reading All-Over Body Circuit