Cheap and Easy Christmas Banner Tutorial

The Easiest Christmas Craft you will make all Year!

We moved into our new house just last month and it showcased a fireplace! Ever since, I can not wait to decorate it!!! I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but with a brand new baby in the house, Christmas excitement is at an all time high for us! I only had to buy one item for this craft…every thing else I had in my craft box!


Pre-Made Banner Pieces (Or you can make your own. I found these on my first ever shopping trip to Tuesday Morning, and they were only $2!)

Ribbon or String (the banner pieces pack that I bought came with string, but I chose my own ribbon)

Stickers of choice, Letters and Decorative Stickers

Scrap Paper




Soup Can, or other circle tracer

Double Stick Tape

  1. The handy pack of banner pieces I bought had premade holes and was perforated. So I just ripped out the number of pieces I would need for my chosen saying “Be Merry,” keeping in mind that I wanted one space in the middle…so 8 pieces.
  1. I chose Green and Red scrap paper and used the soup can to trace circles in the size that I wanted. I alternated red and green circles, so 4 of each color. 
  1. I taped each circle to the banner pieces, making sure the pen marks (where I traced) on the colored paper were taped down . 
  1. Then I simply spelled out my message and decorated with other stickers.
  2. Using a needle, I threaded the ribbon through the holes. 
  1. I hung the banner by sticking pushpins in the side of my mantle and tying the ribbon off.

There it is!! So easy AND cheap! And I have leftover banner pieces, so I plan on making more for different holidays!!

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