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How To Read Nutrition Labels

Learning to read nutrition labels can be detrimental to your success! This is how I teach my clients to read Nutrition Labels (Front and Back). At the end of this post, play the Label Reading Challenge game and comment below what you found most surprising! Label on the Front The Food industry is regulated, but… Continue reading How To Read Nutrition Labels

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Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

I wanted to start by sharing that I used to absolutely hate reading. The only reading since I graduated high school were my had-to-read college textbooks and a pregnancy book when I was pregnant with Cambri. I was inspired when talking to my friend, Maria (@MillenialFashionista). Our talks are in part what inspired my online… Continue reading Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

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What I Want You To Know About Fats

Watch the video or read it all here....everything I want my clients to know about FATS! Fun Fact: Fat does not automatically get stored as Fat in the body! Fats ARE GoodThere is a huge media propaganda and food industry myth that all fats are bad, however that is just not true. Fats, like the… Continue reading What I Want You To Know About Fats

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Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

"I took a test and I guess I'm pregnant." You can imagine the surprise we had when Chloe shared this bit of information. I was already 3 months pregnant with our third baby that we planned. Chloe is my sister-in-law who lives with us, so you could probably say there is something in the water… Continue reading Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

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What I Want You To Know About Proteins

Fun Fact: Your Body can only utilize 25-35 grams of protein per meal. Amino AcidsAmino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are the building blocks of our muscles. There are 20 amino acids, but the human body can only produce 11 (plants can make them all), so we have to get the… Continue reading What I Want You To Know About Proteins

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Making Memories: The YES Challenge

If you have not been on YouTube lately, you might have missed the multiple "Yes Challenge" videos. My kids are obsessed, and after a week of a new bedtime routine and good behavior, we decided to partake. This day and age, it is especially important to make positive family memories with your kids, but we… Continue reading Making Memories: The YES Challenge

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DIY Wood Play Gym for Baby

If you've been checking out nursery decor on Instagram, I'm sure you've come across these super cute and trendy activity gyms for baby!! Wooden play gyms seem to be all the rage because they fit a neutral color scheme, are more durable, and better for the environment. But search the simple gym on Amazon or… Continue reading DIY Wood Play Gym for Baby